I Thought… A Film About Changing Your Mind

I was asked to pitch a concept for a film that creatively challenged the idea that The Brexit referendum in 2016 was the final word on the subject. I pitched an idea built around real people's stories of situations or moments in their life where they had changed their mind about something. I wanted a combination of amusing and touching anecdotes to give the film authenticity. The film was shot with non-actors in locations across the UK.

I Thought was launched at a screening at Somerset House on London, was featured on the BBC's Daily Politics show and news website as well as receiving coverage in the Independent, the Mail on Sunday and the i. It was viewed over 300,000 times online and was the clients most viewed and engaged with piece of social media content to date.

The film received a special mention in the What Does Brexit Mean to You Creative Awards in 2019.

Camera & Editing - Euan Robinson

Titles - Kathy MacLeod

Production - Euan Robinson


A Film About Choice

We each make over over 35,000 choices every single day. However nobody chooses to become a refugee.

This is a hard-hitting campaign film created for the International Rescue Committee. The aim was challenge the idea that some people have that refugees have in some way chosen to flee their homes, when in reality there is no choice.

The film originated as an idea that I pitched cold to the creative team at the International Rescue Committee. While the film didn’t fit with any of their ongoing campaigns, the team liked the concept so much that they revisited the idea later that year and the film was used as the key piece of content for their Christmas appeal in 2018. The film was their most viewed piece of video content to date.

Camera & Editing - Euan Robinson

Production - Euan Robinson and International Rescue Committee

Music - Human Pyramid via Music Bed


Rescuing Futures - Citi Foundation and International Rescue Committee

I was approached by the International Rescue Committee and the Citi Foundation to create a series of short case study films to promote their Rescuing Futures programme where refugees and displaced people are supported to set up a business.

The films each tell the story of one individual and how starting their business has helped them rebuild their lives.

Each film is a one-minute case study created in both square and widescreen formats. The films were shot on location in Nigeria, Jordan and Greece throughout 2019 alongside photographer Elena Heatherwick.

The films were screened at the V&A in London as part of World Refugee Day 2019.

“Everyone has ideas – refugees, citizens – it’s important to have help to make your dream come true.” Moussa, Nigerian refugee

Camera & Editing - Euan Robinson

Production - International Rescue Committe, Euan Robinson, Elena Heatherwick.